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the huntress


The Huntress Collection was bred from a love of weighty, statement making adornments inspired by relics of ages past. Muses for this collection include warrior Joan of Arc and viking leader Inghen

Ruaidh: empowered, strong, and steadfast.

the stream bangle

Smooth like a streaming brook. Heavy organically formed bangle. Lovely for stacking or on their own. Available in white bronze or sterling. Shown here with our Concrete Cuff.

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Smooth like a streaming brook. Heavy organically forms are suspended by rustic hand strung African brass Heishi beads. Tie it, wrap it, or let it hang naturally. 

the stream lariat

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gateway disc earrings

Inspired by Mayan ceremonial jewelry, these earrings are finished with a scratched firescale texture. Wear your armor into battle.

mezzaluna earrings

This weighty blade inspired design is equal parts elegant and intimidating. Show a badder side of you with these statement earrings.

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What are you trying to catch? A reminder to be patient and persistent.

hook necklace

the rivet cuff

A piece that appears as if it was unearthed from the 4th century. Armor for our every day life.

A piece of the cycle of life + death. This antler talisman is made from deer sheds - antlers that have naturally fallen off of a buck's head after the cyclic season is over. It's paired with brushed oxidized sterling with or without a dotted bezel accent. Each antler is unique.

antler talisman


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