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the firescale


The Firescale Collection was one born from process. "Firescale" or "firestain" is a common byproduct texture of heat-treating metal in an oxygen-rich environment. While normally removed in the finishing process, we recognized firescale's unique unpredictability and raw beauty and embraced it for the gorgeous texture it is.

the firescale ring

Reminiscent of the moon, this domed statement ring shows off our signature firescale texture beautifully.

the firescale bracelet

We love the movement created by this piece's unconventional pinned hinges. Finished in our unique texture, it's a bracelet that is flexible enough to mix and match yet distinct enough to stand on its own.

the firescale collar

Stately and elegant with a unique grittiness. And with each being one of a kind, The Firescale Collar is a sure way to make a statement.