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the builder


The Builder Collection is a study in line and texture. Soft metal is hammered on stone to create pitted concrete textures and gold is filed and smoothed to create perfect architectural lines. Together these elements create a collection that's as edgy as it is elegant.

the chain drape necklace

Like an architect's carefully drawn line. Irregular links of oxidized sterling are punctuated with high polish 14k gold.

the chain earrings

Easy to wear from a day at the office to a night downtown. Available in sterling, 14k yellow gold, and brass. A Common Ground Adornments bestseller.

Rough and tumble. The perfect unisex piece for the concrete jungle. Now available in white bronze and sterling.

the concrete cuff

Modern + sharp. Perfect for every day wear. Available in brass and sterling. Special order in 14k gold.

dagger earrings

concrete + gold earrings

A thread of 14k gold runs through the ear ending at a textured sterling pendulum. The balance of this piece makes for extraordinary movement.

concrete + gold spinner ring

An oxidized concrete textured band is slightly flared on the ends, capturing a wispy strand of 14k gold.

nail cuff

A heavy modern cuff modeled after a classic nail. Slightly aged for the perfect unisex piece.

A delicate line of 14k gold runs through the ear, ending at a textured sterling crescent. A little ancient, a little minimalist. Available in a variety of finishes.

concrete + gold

micro earrings